Some General Home Security Tips

Your house number should be easily seen so police and emergency services can find your premises quickly. Reflective numbers are helpful. If your house is on a corner the number should face the street named in your address.

Cash and valuables should be kept out of easy reach, and out of sight. If you have a quality home safe use it. Consider a safety deposit box for especially valuable items.

If you engrave or mark your valuables with an ultra-violet pen it will make it easier to identify and return them in the event that they are stolen and recovered.

If you hear an intruder in your home – do not risk injury. Concentrate on raising the alarm and staying safe. If outside, and you see signs of a break-in, do not enter. The intruder may still be present. Go to a neighbour’s house and seek help to call police and wait there until they arrive.

Consider your garden design – plant spiky bushes under windows for extra security and make sure that entry points are not hidden by plants.

Install exterior lights with a movement sensor.

While on holiday arrange for your mail to be collected and deliveries stopped.

Timers can turn lights, televisions and sound systems on and off at different times to increase home security by giving your home a “lived-in look” when you are not home.

Consider installing a security alarm and place signage alerting potential thieves to the presence of a security system.

Have a professional security assessment.

If you wish to leave doors open for the through breeze consider installing security doors.

The doors on your home should be solid core doors.

Leaving windows open at night is a security hazard, if you wish to do consider installing security bars on your windows. If you do this keep the keys handy in case of fire.

Make sure that you have smoke detectors installed and change the batteries regularly.

Make sure your garage doors are secured especially if there is a connecting door between the garage and your home.

It is unwise to leave messages on doors. They suggest no one is home. If having goods delivered while you are out, have a neighbour collect them. A parcel on the doorstep also indicates no one is home.

Funeral and wedding notices containing an address can tell a potential offender when to strike. If attending such events have a friend stay over, ask a neighbour to watch your house or hire a professional security guard.

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