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Construction Security Cameras

Construction Site Security Cameras in Sydney, Brisbane and ACT

The use of construction site security cameras can give you the upper hand and deter theft and capture thieves in the act.

Have you been dealing with theft at your construction site? Do you want to know how to stop thieves before they ever get a chance to take anything or cause damage to your property or work site?

Construction sites that do not have construction security monitoring services have a higher risk of being targeted by thieves. Construction site security camera rental in Sydney can be just what you need to thwart thieves and protect your assets and building site.

MySecurity - Construction Security Cameras

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Construction Site Security Cameras Improve Security

Thieves and vandals know when and where to strike. If your construction site isn’t being monitored, you are making yourself a target. Construction sites are full of materials, tools and equipment that criminals can easily access and quickly sell for cash. Items can be worth anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Unfortunately, people would rather steal your stuff than get a job and make an honest living.

Using construction site security cameras combined with monitoring services will provide a safer environment for workers, deter theft and vandalism and help your company comply with OHS requirements.

Construction sites are at risk of:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Fires
  • Accidents
  • Safety hazards
MySecurity - Construction Site Security Cameras Improve Security

Construction Security Monitoring Services

We provide a full range of electronic and manned security services. We only use proven equipment that is durable and reliable. Our security services include My-Log, 24-hour monitoring, security alarms, mobile security patrols, static guards, business and residential alarms and CCTV.



CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, can be effective in deterring crime. We stay up to date on the newest technology and offer the most competitive CCTV services on the market. Our systems are user-friendly and can be customised to fit any size building site or job.


24hr Monitoring

MySecurity provides a 24hr Back to Base Monitoring Centre. Included with our monitoring service is a regular activity report. This report will include information regarding alarm activations, opening and closing of your premises and all user code access activities.



My-Log allows you to monitor your premises remotely 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Monitoring is easy and can be done from the convenience of your own home through a dedicated site on the net.

Security Alarms

We use state-of-art technology to secure your property from robbery and unwanted guests. We have a wide variety of systems to choose from. Alarms Systems can be activated remotely or by employees on site.


Small Business and Residential Alarms

These burglar alarm systems are simple to use and give you full control over your premises. You can open doors, control lights and change the heating settings. If an issue would arise, the system will respond immediately contacting you or our guards.

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Additional Construction Security Options

Security guards are also a great way to help ensure the safety of your construction site. Mobile patrol security guards can patrol your property and keep the premises secure.

The visibility of mobile security guards has been proven to deter crime. If you choose, you can have monitoring done inside your property as well as outside. The use of construction site security cameras gives them an extra tool to perform their duties. Mobile patrol security guards are also able to lock and unlock points of access, escort personnel and respond to emergencies.

At MySecurity, our guards are licensed, highly trained and have passed a police background check. They can travel in marked as well as unmarked vehicles. Each mobile security guard has a phone and two-way radio to stay in touch with each other and to contact emergency assistance if needed.

Mobile security guard services include:

  • Monitoring of construction site security cameras and alarms
  • Keep premises secure
  • Look out for suspicious activity
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Random patrols
  • Escort the staff
  • First Aid
  • Machinery checks
  • Plant checks
  • Welfare checks
  • Deter theft, vandalism and fires
  • Alert those in charge of unwanted changes to the site
MySecurity - Construction Site Security Cameras

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Construction site security cameras are essential for protecting yourself from job site thefts. They don’t only help with security, they can also help you keep an eye on your staff and subcontractors. Do you want real-time video monitoring?

Call MySecurity today to discuss construction site security cameras and see how we can benefit you.

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