Shoplifting and employee theft are the two largest areas of inventory loss. Inventory loss eats away at profit. Putting in tighter security measures and following these 15 must do tips will help you cut loses. All types of businesses are vulnerable to theft. Retail loss prevention needs to be addressed.

15 Must Do Tips for Retail Loss Prevention officer


  1.  Employee Background Screenings

Never underestimate your employees. Employee theft is one of the biggest challenges faced by employers. By performing background checks on potential job candidates you help avoid losses. Contact previous employers and references to weed out a bad hire. You can also hire a security guard company to do an in-depth background check. They can provide experienced loss prevention officers.

Retail Loss Prevention
  1.  Provide Employees With Security Training

Hire a security firm to provide your employees with security training. This will teach them what to look out for when identifying shoplifters.

  1.  Have Good Lighting

Having good lighting is a way to deter shoplifters. Having plenty of lighting makes it easier to spot someone in the act of theft.

  1.  Use a Bell On Your Door

If your employees are busy working, they might not notice when someone walks in the door. Having a bell will alert your staff when someone enters.

  1.  Greet Customers

When you greet customers as soon as they come in the door, you are sending a message that they have been noticed. Taking a hands on approach with each individual lets them know that they are being watched. For regular customers, this is something normal that they expect. For shoplifters, it makes them feel uneasy and nervous.

  1.  Build Relationships

Build relationships with your customers as well as your employees. When people feel that they are important to you, they are less likely to steal from you. When there is a relationship, people will be more likely to point out suspicious activity.

  1.  Keep an Eye Out

Watch people closely, especially when there is a large group. When you are busy, you can easily lose focus on what is going on. When you are distracted, it is easier for people to steal. Especially pay attention to those who are hanging around.

  1.  Keep a Clean Business

If your business is messy and unorganised, it is easier for people to shoplift. If you don’t have items put away in a designated spot, you will not know what you have sold and what you haven’t.

Retail Loss Prevention


  1.  Think Like a Thief

When working on your retail loss prevention plan, think like a thief. Don’t put small items in the back of the store where they cannot be watched. Instead, put them close to the front where they are visible yet hard to reach.

  1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors will give your employees a better view of all areas. Place them in corners so that all areas can be easily watched.

  1. Have Enough Employees on Staff

You might think that fewer employees can save money and increase profits. But that may not be the case. If you do not have enough employees on staff, you are giving thieves the upper hand. When an employee is busy with a customer, their attention is on them. They are unable to watch the rest of the store. Covert and overt loss prevention officers are worth the money even it’s a couple of random days a week.

  1. Install Security Cameras

Security camera installations are the best way to prevent shoplifting and employee theft. security cameras allow you to see everything that is going on. The security systems that we install are high-quality and provide clear images of the perpetrators.

  1. Receipts are Important

When a customer is leaving a store, have an employee check their bags. Knowing your business checks receipts will prevent some criminal activity. Receipts are also important for returns. Have a strict policy that returns have to be accompanied by a receipt.  

  1. Hire a Security Company

Security loss preventionfficers have been trained in spotting suspicious behaviour and retail loss prevention. Having an officer on duty has been proven to deter criminal behaviour. They can help employees with such things as security checks, fire checks and emergency assistance.

  1. Use Signs

Using signs emphasise that you are serious about retail loss prevention. Let customers know that you use cameras and have a security officer on staff.

Minimising Retail Loss – Address Your Security Issues

As a business owner, you cannot afford to let people take advantage of you. Utilising retail loss prevention techniques will help you have a safer store and increase profits. At MySecurity, our security guards will keep your employees and customers safe. To learn more about our retail loss prevention specialists, give us a call today 1300 788 828.

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