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Security Guard Services for Sydney, Brisbane and ACT

MySecurity Services has a range of security guard solutions to keep you and your assets protected. From electronic security to bodyguards and back to base services, we’ll guide you through a personalised protection plan suited to your needs.

Our security guards offer protection for:

  • Businesses
  • Events
  • Construction sites

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Call for a tailored security solution for your construction site, business or event

Protect Your Businesses, Assets and People with Security Guards

MySecurity offers professional, trained and experienced security guards for:

Benefits of Hiring our Security Guards in Sydney, Brisbane and ACT

Owning a business means minimising threats and risk to you, your staff, customers and assets. Depending on the type of business you own, you may be more of a target than some and putting measures in place for thefts and other crimes is a necessary procedure.

Businesses such as retail stores, hospitals, schools, hotels and banks have a higher risk of crime and theft, but we believe all businesses should have a protection plan in place.

Our security guards will provide you:


Sense of Security

A security guard provides a sense of security to customers, staff as well as the business owners in high risk industries. When customers know that there is a security guard on duty they feel safe and are more likely to patronise your business. Employees will perform better since a level of stress has been removed. And business owners can rest assured knowing that they have someone that is looking out for their business and their staff.


Deter Crimes

Professional security guards can protect your business by alleviating risk factors including theft, vandalism, assaults and arson. Our guards have been trained to identify suspicious activity and take the required action to prevent problems arising. If criminals see that there is a security guard on duty, they will be less likely to target your establishment.

MySecurity - Security Guards Services

Loss Prevention

Theft can destroy your profits and ruin your business. Using proactive measures can help to prevent loss and protect your profits allowing your business to thrive.


Deal with Security Issues

Our security guards in Sydney have been trained and possess the knowledge needed to properly deal with any security issues that may arise. They are your first line of defence against criminals. They have been through extensive training that has taught them how to respond to and prevent crime. If a loss were to happen, they can help prepare the loss prevention report.


Premises Under Surveillance

Having your property under surveillance at all times will help thwart criminal activity. Our security guards will patrol your property, operate security gates, respond to alarms and monitor security cameras. When criminals know that your premise is under surveillance, they will be less likely to make you a target.


Maintain Order

Our security guards in Sydney play an effective role in maintaining order and controlling violent situations. They know how to handle difficult situations, ensuring everyone follows the rules and regulations. This includes visitors as well as employees.


Crowd Management

Unruly crowds can be dangerous and fuel the mob mentality. Security guards can manage crowds and prevent stampedes, crowd crushes, and fights, making your events safe and building a good reputation.


Quick Response Time

Having a security guard on duty allows for a quick response time. If you had to wait for the police to arrive you could be waiting for quite a while. By the time they arrive, it could be too late and damage could be incurred and people could be hurt. Our security guards in Sydney can take control of a situation before it gets out of hand.


Keep Workplace Safe During Unrest

Protection is often needed when there are strikes and labour unrest. These unpleasant circumstances can lead to misconduct, unauthorised access and crimes. Having security guards on-premises can help protect your infrastructure and prevent delays in production and deliveries.

Hire our Trained and Certified Security Guards

At MySecurity, our highly trained security guards have been put through a thorough screening process and have passed a state police check. We continue to provide all of our guards with ongoing training and assessment on a regular basis.

Our professional security guards for hire in Sydney have the experience needed to handle unique situations and prevent crime, fire and illegal activity.

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