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Security Services Trusted Since 2006

MySecurity is an Australian based security firm with offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane that was established in Sydney 2006. Since 2006 MySecurity has been steadily increasing its market share with the use of advanced management theories and greater utilisation of new state of the art technology. Customer satisfaction, ensuring return business, has been a core value from the time of inception. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ satisfaction and welcome all feedback.

1 Bligh St, Sydney

Security upgrades to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister’s office suites

MySecurity Services completed a major security upgrade to the Crown Resort Sydney and Casino Complex, including security camera installations, access control and fibre optics cabling

Crown Tower Sydney Resort, Barangaroo

1500 Cameras plus Access Control and Fibre Optics for casino complex

John Moroney Correctional Complex

Upgrade from a minimum security to a maximum security prison

My Security Services offers manned security, such as body guards and security guards, and electronic security, such as cctv, security cameras and alarm systems

What Makes MySecurity Different?

We are committed to providing our clients with security solutions that are tailored to meet their unique situations rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Our managers bring a wealth of experience with them; not just from the security industry but also hospitality and service industries, IT, finance, building services, communications and business law. These varied backgrounds help us to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ security issues and to focus on providing the highest standards of customer service.

4 Cities

MySecurity operates in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. Wherever you are, we can secure you and your assets.

Client Satisfaction

Our staff and security guards offer high quality customer service to ensure your security projects run smoothly.


Our managers have over 15 years of experience in security and know what it takes to keep you safe and secure.

Security Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all, especially with security. We’ll tailor a security solution to fit your specific needs.

At MySecurity we understand that the most valuable assets of any organisation or individual are those that can’t be insured or replaced; a sense of security, peace of mind and of course, people.

That’s why we believe that our most important asset is our people and that taking care of our people is the key to our success. Our business is manpower and we are always looking to employ outstanding and focused individuals from within and from outside the industry. A career in security entails a lot of responsibility, if you are of strong character and wish to join a team that is going places then please click here to go to our employee page.


We understand how important information is to businesses and individuals so we have developed strict confidentiality policies. We seek to minimise the number of people who are privy to your sensitive information. As part of our policy we try to ensure that you will always be able to contact the same people rather than being bounced from person to person every time you contact us. 

Social Responsibility

MySecurity seeks to minimise it’s environmental footprint through the use of recycled materials and green energy whenever possible.

We feel strongly that a business should be socially responsible and aware of its place in the community. We support local charities by providing security at discounted rates and encourage our staff to take time out to undertake volunteer work.

Security Services available in Australia for businesses, construction sites, homes and events. We Provide security services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra in Australia

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