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Security Camera Installation Sydney

Security Camera Installation in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra

Protect your home or business by having security cameras installed. Cameras can add an extra level of protection that will deter theft and vandalism, keeping your assets safe and secure.

MySecurity Services provides high quality security cameras and CCTV with sleek designs that won’t detract from the design of your property.

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Benefits of Security Camera Installation


Reduce Vandalism

Visible cameras are an effective way to deter vandalism. Cameras allow you to document crimes and identify individuals.

Prevent Employee Theft

When employees know that cameras are recording their actions, they are less likely to steal from the company.

Deters Customer Theft

Business security camera installation will deter shoplifters and help increase profit.

Help Prevent Break-ins

Thieves are less likely to break into your home when they know that they are being watched. They will find an easier target that will not record them so that they can easily be identified and face legal consequences.

Protect You From Frivolous Lawsuits

Employees and customers can fake an injury and sue your company. Having video recordings can give you the proof you need to clear your company of any wrong doings.

Remote viewing

Remote viewing allows you to keep an eye on your home or business 24/7.

Alarm Verification

If your alarm is triggered, you can use your security cameras to see if someone has entered your property uninvited.

Improve Productivity

Employees who know that there are cameras on the premises are usually more productive. A view into their daily activities can also allow you to see if any safety issues need to be addressed.

Regulatory Compliance

Some businesses, such as liquor stores and gaming industries, have to adhere to laws and regulations. Installation of security cameras helps to keep them in compliance.

What Are The Best Places to Install Security Cameras?

Homes and businesses are all laid out differently so a consultation is the best way to determine where security cameras should be installed for your situation. However, there are some main areas that are always vulnerable listed below where you may want to consider installing security cameras. We can install indoor and outdoor security cameras, and you can also consider a video intercom system for your home.


At Your Front door

Having security cameras at your front door will deter criminals from entering your home or stealing packages off of your porch. A camera also allows you to see everyone that is entering your home. Video doorbells are also a great addition and can give you a better look at someone’s face.

Back Doors & Side Doors

Doors that are not easily seen can allow criminals to enter your home undetected. Adding cameras to all secondary doors is essential. Most intruders enter through these doors.

Garage and Driveway

Garages are oftentimes left open and this gives criminals a glimpse at the possessions that are stored inside. Having a camera aimed at your garage and driveway can help to keep bikes, vehicles, tools, and all other items safe. If your garage is attached to your home, this is also a possible entryway into your home.


Many times intruders will scope out your home before they break-in. Monitoring your yard allows you to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. It can also come in handy to watch your children and pets when they are outside.

Common areas

Main gathering areas in your home are great areas to place security cameras. Cameras in these areas give you the opportunity to check on the kids, watch your babysitter, look in on your pets and make sure that everything is safe and secure. Rooms that are easily accessed through doors and windows should be a top priority.

Monitor Your Cameras Remotely

Cameras allow you to see what is going on inside your home at all times. You can keep an eye on your children, make sure that the pets are staying out of trouble and watch for intruders. Automatic door locks are also an option. Having cameras allow you to see who is at your home so you can remotely lock and unlock your doors.

Stairways and Hallways

If an intruder would happen to come in through an unmonitored area, these cameras would catch them while they were moving through your home.

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Visually Pleasing and Easy To Use CCTV Systems

Security cameras and systems have come a long way since the early days. They are more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We only use high-quality products that will easily be linked to your phone and/or other devices.

Mobile apps allow you to monitor your home from anywhere that you have service. You will also have the ability to disarm and arm your system. The app allows you to view live camera footage and recorded camera footage.

Cloud storage allows you to store critical surveillance footage off-site. Many systems no longer require complex hardware setup to record and store your media. Access to your files is easily managed through mobile apps.

Once we have completed your security camera installation in Sydney, we will train you on how to use it. We want you to get the most out of your equipment and know how to use it properly.

MySecurity - Cameras and CCTV

About Our Electronic Security Services

 At MySecurity, our Sydney home security camera installers are experts in electronic security installations and are licensed electricians. We specialise in a large variety of security systems and solutions for home and businesses. We can offer unique and specialised options that will suit and be perfect for your specific needs.

Our electronic security solutions include security camera installation in Sydney, CCTV, alarm systems, construction site security cameras and back to base alarms. Whether you require a simple security solution for your home or need a complex installation for your business, our staff has the technology available to meet your needs.

Many home-owners and business owners are concerned about their properties when they are not onsite. For this reason, we use state of the art, easy to access cameras and offer CCTV installation in Sydney. Surveillance cameras and monitoring systems can capture anything that is happening within the premises. You can view what is happening live remotely.

MySecurity - Security Camera Installation Services

We offer 3 main types of Home Security Systems:



Cameras are a great way to detect and deter criminal activity.

Alarm Systems

Our professionally installed security alarms will trigger when a zone has been breached. These alarms emit a loud sound that will alert everyone in the close vicinity that your business or home has been compromised.


Back to Base Alarms

Back to base alarms are monitored by our trained security professionals. Once alarm is triggered our security centre will be notified and will implement neccesary action.

We offer other services that can be combined with your business or home security system.

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As an industry leader in security solutions, we can design a security system that will keep you and your home or business safe. Our experts provide a consultation, and build a custom design that will protect you, your family and your staff. Contact MySecurity today to discuss your options for security camera installation in Sydney, Brisbane or ACT.

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